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QuoteOne reason I chose to work with Impacting Leaders was because of their customized approach to leadership development. This has increased our leaders’ self-awareness of their own leadership styles and their areas of strengths as well as where they can continue to grow. As a result of this personalized approach, our leaders have grown, team camaraderie has enhanced, and everyone has a renewed energy and interest in self-development.Quote

Dan Campbell, CEO, Hire Dynamics

QuoteFrom their executive coaching sessions to their all employee trainings, the Impacting Leaders team serves us as a true partner that cares about the success and growth of our people and our organization. Their real world experience makes them a great fit inside fast-paced corporations like ours, and the value they bring to our table cannot be overstated.Quote

Michael Haynes, CEO, APMEX

QuoteThe Impacting Leaders team was key in helping me create a comprehensive training program for our entire organization. As a result of their knowledge and their desire to create custom content around our company’s unique needs, I now have a library of relevant courses that equips both newcomers and seasoned staffing professionals on how to succeed in their current roles while also preparing them for the next phase in their careers.Quote

Sonya Buckley, Chief People Officer, Hire Dynamics

QuoteImpacting Leaders is our partner in helping clients develop leaders inside their organizations. They adapt their approach to each client’s unique needs, and create programs that are focused on supporting each organization’s growth by building strong teams and growing leaders at every level. They’re not just consultants; they are true leadership practitioners with extensive experience in the business world.Quote

Don G. King, CEO, Impact Outsourcing Solutions

QuoteI have experienced first-hand the way Linda thinks and leads. She is a 'live it out' leader who shares my philosophy of multiplying value to others by adding value to others, and she will show you how to grow and develop leaders at every level.Quote

John C. Maxwell, Leadership Author and Speaker

QuoteWe had leadership coaching at my previous employer, only not as in depth and or hands-on, which makes a big difference. My coach helped me in so many ways, and one major one was to put things in perspective from a different view or angle. She gave me great advice, tips, and training and would always listen when I needed her most. I like the fact that I can still reach out to her when I need to. Any individual who has the opportunity to have her coaching abilities is guaranteed to walk away with something life changing to progress within themselves or within leading their team.Quote

Jeremy Thomas, Distribution Manager, APMEX

QuoteMy coach thinks like a true partner. She knows how to ask questions to uncover the real underlying issues, and she has helped me learn to think more strategically so we can better plan for our organization's long-term growth.Quote

Diana Hurt, SPHR, HR Director, Flanders

QuoteImpacting Leaders has done an excellent job helping to develop and strengthen our senior leaders. Our momentum is stronger and our morale is higher than it’s ever been. I now feel confident I have the leadership team in place to lead PetroSouth into the future.Quote

Mark Moore, CEO, PetroSouth

QuoteFor every leadership development initiative that APMEX has implemented with Impacting Leaders, the Impacting Leaders team provided me with the communications support necessary to help ensure our employees remain engaged and informed about our program, how they can benefit from it, and how it directly impacts them. This support has allowed me to remain focused on the overall objectives of the program and rest assured that Impacting Leaders has already thought through the details.Quote

Teresa Burris, Executive Administrator, APMEX

QuoteLinda Sasser is a true leader with a heart for helping everyone excel in leadership. She has a high integrity and work ethic, and she is passionate to raise the next generation of leaders. I consider her a valuable strategic partner!Quote

Lisa Copeland, General Manager, FIAT of Austin