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Culture is a key component of your organization’s success. At Impacting Leaders, we consider it our job to help you foster an authentic leadership culture by creating a plan to grow your people beyond next month or next year. The structure and strategy we provide is aimed at supporting your long-term goals by multiplying the benefits that come with a strong leadership culture, including:

approach Strategy Development People Development Application and Accountability Results Replication

  • Increased capacity
  • Heightened innovation
  • Better performance
  • Stronger teams
  • Enhanced engagement

Click each phase to learn more about our process in helping your organization develop a lasting leadership culture.

Strategy Development

  • Uncover opportunities and challenges
  • Learn pain points
  • Understand current and desired culture
  • Establish client expectations and anticipated results

Outcome: Develop a strategic leadership development and organizational growth plan

People Development

  • Customized leader development programs to fit needs and culture
  • Specific skill set development
  • In-person and virtual training
  • Organized study sessions
  • One-on-one coaching

Outcome: Employees gain leadership knowledge and understand how leadership impacts their individual roles and your organization’s long-term goals.

Application and Accountability

  • Application tools and exercises
  • Guides for manager/employee growth
  • Track progress
  • One-on-one follow-up coaching

Outcome: Employees begin living out leadership and having accountability and growth discussions with their manager and teammates on key leadership topics.


  • Identify growth and culture impact
  • Benchmark progress, compare to original expectations
  • Assess outcomes for continued development
  • Discuss needs for continued progress

Outcome: Employees’ leadership capacity grows, impacting their ability to perform and innovate.


  • Organizational culture fosters leadership growth
  • Leaders develop other leaders
  • Internal relationships are strong
  • Company is known as a desirable employer

Outcome: A culture of leadership forms where leaders inside the organization intentionally develop other leaders.


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